Vector Icon Set: Grey Squared

“Grey Squared” Web & iOS Icons/Buttons

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Icon styles are dark grey on a light grey square base with rounded corners, similar to iOS app icons. This set contains icon graphics created mostly for iOS apps, but contains some web style icons for buttons and a few random icons as well. All icons are vector art created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an Illustrator PDF doc. You can download the icons as an Adobe Symbols Library above, but if you download the full PDF file you’ll automatically get the Symbols Library, which is included in the PDF. Just click the large preview image or the Download button below and it’s all yours!

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Vector Graphics 17: Military

Tanks, guns, halftracks & migs!VT017

We spent an entire afternoon walking around the Military Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria a couple years ago. I thought it would get boring after a few minutes, but I shot over 2000 photos just on the textures of the machinery! The rusty old military equipment was one of the best parts of the Bulgaria trip.
Here are a few, more to come.

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