iOS 5 Icons


Common iOS Settings Icons

It’s really difficult to find these iOS settings icons when you need them. Recently while working on an iPhone app I needed all of these icons and could only find a couple good clean ones that were large enough to use after a lot of time searching. As usual, I had to create my own. Arrrgh!

The slideshow below contains a few of the most common iOS settings icons such as airplane mode, bluetooth, brightness, location, notifications, and more. You can download the PNG files by clicking on the image, then downloading the large image, which is 512 x 512px.
I will be adding the Photoshop files for download when I finish creating my icon library.

iOS 5 Settings Icons – 12 icons

[download id=”13″ format=”1″]

[download id=”10″ format=”1″][download id=”11″ format=”1″]
[download id=”12″ format=”1″][download id=”14″ format=”1″]
[download id=”15″ format=”1″][download id=”16″ format=”1″]
[download id=”17″ format=”1″][download id=”18″ format=”1″]
[download id=”19″ format=”1″][download id=”20″ format=”1″]
[download id=”21″ format=”1″][download id=”22″ format=”1″]