Vector Icon Set: Grey Squared

“Grey Squared” Web & iOS Icons/Buttons

Download Illustrator Symbol Library

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The Full PDF

Icon styles are dark grey on a light grey square base with rounded corners, similar to iOS app icons. This set contains icon graphics created mostly for iOS apps, but contains some web style icons for buttons and a few random icons as well. All icons are vector art created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an Illustrator PDF doc. You can download the icons as an Adobe Symbols Library above, but if you download the full PDF file you’ll automatically get the Symbols Library, which is included in the PDF. Just click the large preview image or the Download button below and it’s all yours!

Download PDF

Photoshop Styles for iOS GUI elements

Custom Styles for Apple iOS mobile GUI elements

Small collection of styles I’ve used for designing and rendering GUI elements such as icons, navigation, title & tab bars, and text for iPhone and iPad. Styles include simple bevel effects for text highlights to the glossy gradient styles used in tab bars, buttons and icons.

Download File
File type: Photoshop .asl (.zip)
File size: 5kb

Photoshop Styles for Type

PSD Custom Styles: Strokes, shadows, glows

These styles are some basic effects I’ve used for styling text and other smaller elements such as neon, or lightbulb glows, etc. Most of these styles are simple inner glows or strokes with a drop shadow. There are also some other simple gradients: Solid to transparent for a smooth gradual overlay on type, logos, and any element where you would like a color shift to dark or light at one end, giving an element some depth.

Download File
File type: Photoshop .asl (.zip)
File size: 4kb