Adobe Illustrator Patterns: Carbon Fiber

Illustrator Swatch Libraries: Patterns> Carbon Fiber, Diamond Plate, more..

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10 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Patterns: Carbon Fiber

    • I have actually. I have a huge roll of the stuff because I make things with it. Actual carbon fiber does not make a very clean background pattern for a web page, which is what I created these for. “carbon fiber” is just a description of the graphic.
      Thanks for taking the time to complain about something that I give away for free though.

    • Thanks!
      I agree they aren’t perfect but I got as close as I could for a pattern. Carbon fiber is not evenly woven and copying most carbon fiber weaves will result in a pattern that has no matching edges, which doesn’t work for a repeating pattern.
      I’ve been working out some other patterns though, and will post them as soon as I have a few more nice ones.

  1. I think these are great.

    One thing, when I import the library, I only get 11 swatches.

    Am I doing something wrong?


    • You aren’t doing anything wrong. There are only 11 swatches in this set.
      I mentioned above in another response that I have a few more in progress and will add them when I’m happy with the patterns.


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